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User Policies

Users of TechieM2net services should keep in mind that this site is public and viewable by individuals of any age and background.

There are only a few simple rules for user content on this site:

  1. Don't post anything illegal (this is fairly obvious).
  2. All publicly viewable (public gallery items, user web page content, etc.) should be kept at or below a PG content level.
  3. Any Gallery content above this rating should be kept in either hidden or hidden and passworded Galleries.
  4. Any web content/files above this rating should be kept in locations that are not linked to by the publicly browseable pages and those needed access to it should be given direct links to the content.
  5. Try not to use too much disk space as the server does not have large amounts of free space at this point (I monitor the disk space so I'll evaluate things if the disk starts getting too full).
  6. Have Fun!
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