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Backup PC Stuff

This is stuff I've made for the BackupPC backup system. Version 1.1.3 (@7KB)

This is a perl script I wrote to automatically generate archives for the shares of a client for secondary or offsite storage.

The script is to be run as your post dump command.

It takes the client name and share list as arguments.

It SHOULD handle any number of shares.

The script will create a directory named after the client in the archive directory (by default /backuppc-arch), where it will store the archives for that client.

It creates archives named in the format of client–share–YYYY-MM-DD.fileext (you pick the compression method and extension).

It will currently also create incremental archives and will create a Master incremental archive for the host if desired.

The script can also be comfigured to copy the archives to a separate location for external handling.

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