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-====== Multi Domain Email setup with Local Domain Users, Virtual Domain Users, Mailing Lists, and SPAM Filtering ====== 
-I'm intending to make this page cover the basic setup and configuration of the mail system setup I am running.\\ 
-Local Domain Users are users with local system accounts. ​ All local mail domains deliver to these accounts. ​ These users will have an address at each local mail domain since all local mail domains deliver to the local user accounts.\\ ​ 
-For example, if we have local mail domains and,​ the local user bob will have the addresses and both delivered to his system account. 
-Virtual Domain Users are users without local system accounts. ​ These users only have mail addresses linked directly to the virtual mail domain.\\ 
-For example, if we have virtual mail domain,​ we must create virtual mailboxes for anyone we wish to have an account for on that domain, such as 
-===== Setup Details ===== 
-Software Used: 
-  - Apache 
-  - Postfix 
-  - PostfixAdmin 
-  - MySQL 
-  - PHPmyadmin 
-  - Dovecot 
-  - Procmail 
-  - Spamassassin 
-  - Horde 4 
-  - Mailman